"SCARS: Politics in the Big Blue", produced by Karin Hartman and Pieter van der Harst, hosted by the Nova Atlantis Foundation, is a film focusing on the life history of Risso’s dolphins studied in the Azores since 2000.

Synopsis: In 1999, a young (Dutch) woman changed her life to study the unknown Risso’s dolphin in the Azores. This film shows what she learned over 18 years of fieldwork. It contains spectacular underwater and drone shots, unraveling special behavior of these dolphins. It explains how males form stable groups while females with calves form nurseries, and why male politics are crucial for reproduction. Also, it reflects on the impact of whale watching, why commercial swimming with these dolphins should be banned and why this area is important in Europe and should be designated as a Marine Protected Area. This is a compelling personal story about the highs and lows of a life dedicated to studying Risso’s dolphins, with unique insights into their life history, and both endearing and confronting footage of their behavior. The film had its world premiere during the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York on 22 October 2018. The film is submitted to other international film festivals related to wildlife conservation with the aim to raise awareness.

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Public screenings in 2019 will take place in various parts of the word.
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Watch the trailer of the film:

Trailer Scars 22_05_2018 from Karin Hartman on Vimeo.

"SCARS: Politics in the Big Blue" SCREENING DATES 2019

Wildlife Conservation Film
Festival Cinema Village Theater
New York
Kuroshio Ocean Education Foundation
National Taiwan University
1/22/2019 AND 1/23/2019
R. Moore/ Xplore offshore
Scripps Insitute
San Diego
Burgers Zoo/Nova Atlantis
Auditorium, Safari Meeting Centre
The Netherlands
American Cetacean Society, Los Angelas Chapter
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
San Pedro, Los Angelas

Updates concerning our research will be posted on the Facebook page of Nova Atlantis!